In the beach!

Zanzibar -- the very name brings to mind salty sea breezes that carry the taste of exotic spices. Floating in electric blue waters off the east coast of Tanzania, this island has become synonymous with divine honeymoon hideaways. So wide is the appeal of this beach paradise that few people ever pause to consider that there might be more to Tanzanian beach life. But for those in the know, the southeast coast of the country has everything that Zanzibar has, minus the tourists.

When it comes to blissful hammock-lounging beaches, the mainland can teach the spice island a thing or two. Pretty much every coastal town and hamlet fronts tropical turquoise waters and crystal-white sands, and in between are hundreds of other beaches known only to the odd passing fishermen. The resort of Ras Kutani, just a short, easy hop from Dar es Salaam, has that ideal combination of a dreamy Indian Ocean vibe, luxury accommodations and utter tranquillity.

Fanjove Private Island
What if we told you: Take off your shoes and learn to live off your own wit and skills! Ah, we would be joking, but here...
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